Date of Birth: 30/09/1987

University: Tver State Medical Academy(Department of Pediatrics) 2010

Internship: Department of Pediatric Surgery of Trauma and Orthopaedics rate based Children's Regional Hospital (DOKB). Tver.

Initial retraining: Russian Medical Academy of Postgraduate Education. Moscow. City Clinical Hospital named after SP Botkin- endoscopy

It has been short-term training at the Institute of Postgraduate Medical FSI "NMHTS them. NI Pirogov Medical University. "Features of an infectious process and local wound treatment in patients with diabetic foot syndrome.

Member of

the Russian Society of Surgeons (Tver Regional Office),

the Russian Endoscopic Society

the Science and Practice Society of Emergency Medicine.)


Public education.

Seminar pediatric surgeons, an international master class on children's surgical endoscopy, urology, Coloproctology and pediatric anesthesiology and intensive care. - NTSZD RAMS. Lecture hall- DOKB

Congenital diaphragmatic hernia in children- DOKB. Tver

Conferences and master classes

Photos from the conference can be viewed by clicking on the link

Institute of Surgery. Vishnevsky, "Modern rational antibiotic". 2010

All-Russian forum "Pirogovskaya SURGICAL WEEK" - St. Petersburg. 24-27 ноября 2010

IX Russian Congress "Innovative Technologies in Pediatrics and Pediatric Surgery", Moscow. 19-21 октября 2010 г

NTSZD RAMS. XV Congress of pediatricians of Russia. Master-class on children's surgical endoscopy, urology, Coloproctology and pediatric anesthesiology and intensive care.14/02/2011-19/02/2011

NTSZD Medical Sciences: Master Class «Vantris-new substance for the endoscopic correction of vesicoureteral reflux". 18/02/2011

XIV of the Russian-Japanese Symposium on Digestive Endoscopy and the bronchopulmonary system (master-class with a live broadcast of endoscopic studies). 9-10 February in Moscow.

XV Congress ROEH. 14-17 February 2012. institute of Surgery. Vishnevsky. Moscow

Union of pediatricians of Russia. XVI Congress of pediatricians of Russia with international participation "Actual problems of pediatrics". INTERNATIONAL WORKSHOP ON CHILD thoracic surgery, surgical endoscopy, Urology, robotic surgery and pediatric anesthesiology-reanimatology. Moscow.

Session XXXVIII Research Institute of Gastroenterology. XII Congress of the Scientific Society of Gastroenterologists of Russia. "Classical and Applied Gastroenterology"

VII Scientific Conference RUSSIAN SCHOOL Endoscopy and Endosurgery "New Technologies in Endoscopy, Gastroenterology. Bronchology"

International School of Pediatric Urology and Andrology "Reconstructive surgery in pediatric urology, andrology," Moscow. 2012

XIV Moscow International Congress of Endoscopic Surgery, Moscow. 2012 Rambler's Top100 Яндекс.Метрика
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